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Dr. Melodie Roos & her "Knirps" - A clinic clown from Worms

Dear Anne, I am speechless! You have succeeded in creating an absolute masterpiece! The nose fits perfectly!!!! No pinching and tweaking!!! Pure dance of joy!!!

Thank you very much and best regards from Ruth and Melodie


Why did you choose the "Knirps"?

The little nose makes my clown Melodie's face shine even more. It's subtle and delicate, very fitting for my sensitive, sensitive Melodie.

What does your clown do and in what environment does it come into play?

My clown Dr Melodie Roos visits children in the children's hospital and old people in the geriatric ward. 

Which experience, which encounter has remained particularly memorable for you?

I visit an 85-year-old old lady in her room, she is sitting with her husband at the window:

"Hello, my name is Dr Melodie Roos and what is your name?" "My original name is Johanna, but I never liked that. I was called Hannelore at my own request at a very early age. Even my husband only found out at our civil marriage ceremony.""Yes, that's right," interjects her husband, "the registrar spoke of a Johanna and I said I didn't know any Johanna!"

I suddenly had the spontaneous thought: "And your name is Ernst!" He looks at me in astonishment and says: "Yes, that's right! Ernst Sauer, but I'm not serious at all and rarely angry, a very cheerful person with an absurd name!"

Mrs Rosemarie and I, Dr Melodie Roos, philosophise about life, with the following poetic conclusion: "Every person writes his own melody".

Ruth Rathay

Clinical clown at Clowns Help Heal, Worms


Web www.clowns-helfen-heilen.de

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