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Silvia & Her "Pinöppel" - Silla Kunterbunt from the Sauerland

Dear Anne, I'll try to reply then....

So simple she says that and immediately sends me a Youtube link as a thank you. Crazy noodle, I got a huge kick out of it! - Thanks!

Silla Kunterbunt

Which of my noses matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?

I chose the "Pinöppel" . No, he me! He just wanted to be with me. The name is so cute, the look even more so. At first I thought it wouldn't fit on my own fat nose, but no! Now I finally have a petite nose on my face.
And there's no tape or rubber pinching anywhere! I don't have to glue anything! Don't have to paint!


What does your clown do and in what environment does it come into play?

I am the "Silla Kunterbunt".
Not yet a "real" clown, but I've been around the Hochsauerland for what feels like an eternity.
My first carnival costume at the age of 2 was a clown. Since then I have been infected with the clown virus. Together with my sister, I was a puppeteer and agent for our daughters.... "The two cardboard noses, the funniest noses from the Sauerland "
Mainly I have been in children's animation and children's make-up.
Now my big wish is to become a clinic clown!
My qualification as a care worker expands my business. Currently the only way to put a smile on people's faces, senior citizens, as face painting and children's parties cannot take place.
I would like to bring a little colour into the lives of big and small, old and young.

So what experience, what encounter has remained particularly memorable to you?

I don't remember a single experience.... but every smile, however embarrassed, or small, or even a hearty laugh and a hug lets me know that I am doing a valuable job. When a child leaves me with the words, "Today is the best day of my life!", I almost have pee in my eyes.

Tomorrow the "Pinöppel" goes outside for the first time. I'm looking after a little boy at primary school, it's "Lüttke Fastnacht 2021" and he's allowed to dress up (of course I'll join in!), even if there's no party. The two of us then sit colourfully in front of the video meeting with our classmates.

Good luck with your noses and see you soon!

With motley greetings
Silla Kunterbunt
Senior care
Children's face painting animation
Bellypainting glitter tattoos

Silvia Burmann
Gepkerweg 10a
59909 Bestwig

sillakunterbunt. en

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