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Laura Fernandez - founder of the clinic clown movement in Germany has been selected by "Bömsken

Hello Anne, dthanks for the noses - they are great!

I've known Laura now since I took my first steps towards clinic clowning. So she has been with me for many years. All the more I am happy about your praise.

Laura Fernandez is a native New Yorker. A clown and performing artist for over 40 years. She initiated the first clinic clown rounds in Germany as founder and artistic director of Die Clown Doktoren e.V.


Laura still brings humour and laughter to the hospital beds of many children and seniors for KlinikClowns Bayern e.V. She is also active as a teacher and coach for clown, pantomime and hospital clowning in Germany, Europe and the USA. 

Which of my nose matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?

I didn't choose the nose. She chose me. I like her because I look pretty. The model's name is "Bömsken"


What does your clown do and in which environment is he used? 

My clown gets around. As the founder of the health clown in Germany, I have held all kinds of positions in this field.

Currently I perform in a children's hospital and a retirement home, as well as a coach, trainer and teacher. 

Which experience, which encounter has remained particularly in your memory?

My very first day as a clinic clown in New York. A whole new world opened up to me and the journey continues, almost 35 years later.

All the best and warmest regards,



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