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Always a new surprise - Good in times of Cornona & refreshing news

"If it weren't for the little word "if" ...."

Everybody knows this sentence, but most of the time it is not interpreted positively.  

I, however, am quite happy, because if it hadn't been for the "IF", I wouldn't have become the "founder of the Nasenwerkstatt".

The little word, or rather the fact that there is this changed everyday situation due to the Corona virus, has given me so much free time that I could once again really give my creativity free rein. A gift, so to speak....

I normally, I would work as a clown in hospitals and homes for the elderly. At least two to three rounds a week, or actively enjoy my weekends as a seminar leader. But none of that is happening at the moment.

In exchange, our shop has been online for a week now, which we didn't know we were putting into action in December. It was an exhilaratingly beautiful opening weekend. We had 380 visitors who came to our virtual shop. Germany, England, Austria, Denmark, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway and the USA all poked their noses into our nose workshop.

This week the first 30 orders have been sent out and slowly feedback after feedback is reaching me from all kinds of clowns from all over Europe.

I am always gripped by the full enthusiasm for "being a clown", I read the joy of the new nose owners and literally feel the sparkle in their eyes just from your words. And I can read with what love they report about their own clown. Some send me little films, others photos in which they have put the craziest ideas into practice.

And that's exactly what I want to pass on to you in this blog. The joy, the love, the variety and the backgrounds and the most diverse orientations of clowning.  The kinds of encounters in being a clown and the special work as a clown.


So feel free to drop by again and get inspired, or even better subscribe to our newsletter.

Happy greetings from the Nose Workshopand from the Humorkolleg


Anne with Peppermint Actually Inside :0)

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