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The agony of choice

Each clown has its own character, individual & special.
Exactly the same should be his ClownNose.

Therefore, pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to a good fit and the right size. 


Septum ball flex attachment

Our highlight is this unique, invisible attachment for our character noses. 

Just put it on, click it into the nose, and the ClownNose holds like a charm. No more rubber band edges and no more adhesive residue after the game.

A wearing comfort of the extra class. Luxury for every clown performer. 

You can find a video about it on the page fine tuning.

Each red nose is unique!
Our CharacterNoses are made by hand.

Each shape is unique and designed and developed by the artist Anne Schwede herself. Either cast or dipped, depending on the nose type and size.

You will receive with your purchase for each nose its own certificate with date of manufacture and number of manufacture.

The agony of choice


Our noses fit best when they are snug and your nostrils are completely covered. You can find a size description for this in the illustrations for each nose, in the form of a table. 

Detailed instructions on how to measure your nose can be found on the page: Fine-tuning


We offer our noses in a classic red.

However, there are no limits to the variety of colors, just tell us your color request and we will make you a highlight that no one else has but you.

PS: Small color deviations can occur depending on the representation on the photos already once. 

Have you not found what you are looking for?

We will be happy to make you a unique piece in the shape you want.

For this we need a plaster gauze impression of your nose. From this we make a model on which a nose can be modeled again, according to your ideas.

Please do not be afraid to ask, we are happy about a change and we are deep in our soul advocates that every clown is something very special and may be :-)




Our noses are made of soft latex. There is no other material that has such elastic and dimensionally stable properties. Easy to clean with soapy water and to maintain with silicone oil. 

Gift from Humorkolleg

Protected it comes to you in an exclusive gift box in the form of a round tin. This serves your later also as protection in the handbag.

In addition, you will receive a small bottle of silicone care oil to care for your character nose.