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Monsieur Momo finds his Bömsken

Thank you so much.... Gosh, I'm really happy!

Which of my nose matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?

Well, I chose the nose "Bömsken" , although I find all the noses really great and appealing. I chose a slightly darker red and Anne mixed the colour especially for me,the colour goes so well with my costume.

What does your clown do and in what environment does it come into play?

Since the end of my clown training in 2013, I have been a freelance performer. For more than five years, I have been working as a hospital clown in the Clinic-Clown Verein Hannover. I also perform a lot in circus, vaudeville and at festivals. My greatest successes so far are several cabaret awards, engagements with Circus Roncalli and my performances at the world-famous Wintergarten Varieté in Berlin My new red nose will accompany me when I work in the hospital. On stage, I only wear the red nose on the inside.

So which experience, which encounter has remained particularly memorable for you?

There are two wonderful, truly touching experiences in my work that I always like to tell about:

One was in hospital when I visited a boy in his room. The mother told me that his vitals were so bad that he was not allowed to get up. I was with him for a long time. Did magic with the boy, laughed and had fun. Then when I visited the next rooms, I met the boy in the hallway a few hours later. He drew me a picture and the mother and he told me, beaming with joy, that his values suddenly got much better after my visit. Laughter does make you healthy after all.

The second experience was during my engagement in a Christmas circus. During the show I stood in the audience with roses and when I didn't get any attention from the singer I was waiting for, I gave the roses to an audience member in the audience. One night there was a woman in a wheelchair sitting right next to me. When I handed her the roses, her eyes sparkled. The whole tent paid attention to her, which she must not have received so much before. All the spectators, including me, noticed how much it meant to the woman. The next day, same show, same place, same moment. I turned around and the woman from the day before was sitting in the same seat. I guess she wanted to relive that moment.

Timo Lesniewski

Monsieur Momo - Clown & Comedy

Rabenhorst 12

31582 Nienburg Weser

Tel: 0172 - 4297078

Mail: info@monsieur-momo.de


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