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The smallest mask in the world - the ClownNose

A clown nose is the trademark of a clown and it is also the smallest mask in the world.

Once we put on a red nose, we immediately experience a change. The corners of our mouths go up, it gurgles and gurgles with mischievousness and childlike playfulness inside us, and we feel a delightful lightness.

We humans have lived with the figure of the clown for several centuries and it has become ingrained in our minds that this naïve bearer of hope defies all odds with joy and a laugh. So it is not surprising that when we put on the clown's nose, we immediately slip into this feeling. Our perception, our facial expressions, gestures and voice change, because we immediately fall into the classic role model of the clown.

But be careful, this mask is not meant to hide yourself, or to slip into another role like an actor


What makes a good clown is his authenticity. A healthy mix of one's own personality and the playful part of the inner child.

So, as a beginner, it is especially important to first discard this outdated role model and be gently introduced to playing with the world's smallest mask. A clown nose should not be used to hide behind. Rather, it should tempt the wearer to discover his or her own freedom and thus his or her own self.

All this takes place through play.

All this takes place playfully through one's own body feeling. When you put the nose on, your body is activated and energy is released. When you take the mask off again, this feeling changes. It is a journey of discovery for your own body and for your personal perception. I support my participants in getting a feeling for the fact that although they are tempted by this mask, they are also allowed to control this game.

Because if you use the ClownNose correctly, it reveals you and that is exactly what being a clown needs. It needs the real, the genuine.

This is how your clown is seen with the heart, this is how the touching moments and moments with the audience are created, because YOU are believable!

Do you also want to have this experience, or experience many more such moments? Then have a look at our humour college. There you will find many wonderful suggestions, workshops and opportunities for further education!

See you soon....and come again :0)

www. humorkolleg.de

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