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Fresh NoseWind in Nuremberg for Clown Pišta

Hello dear Anne,

a few pictures of Pišta for you. This is my clown. Whenever possible, he plays at the Führt Children's Hospital and the South Nuremberg Hospital.

The "Bömsken" has already had its premiere. And I must say, write, it is pleasant to wear the nose.

I also wanted to write you big thanks. The noses are really SUPER!


Stefan Ferencz is Pišta

Slovakian metal turner, fireman and rubbish collector: Stefan Ferencz was born (1965 ) on the day of the French Revolution in Slovakia. He had a fervent desire to become an actor and to make people laugh, to make them forget everyday life for a "few minutes". He graduated in pantomime at the Folkwang University in Essen, various workshops around movement, commedia dell'arte , clown and many more.


After four years of study, he toured with his own play and, in addition to various guest engagements, was co-founder of the mask theatre group "Familie Flöz". With them he toured Europe, Australia, Africa, China, Mexico and India for over 14 years with various productions - without language, of course. Since 2004, he has been working together with Maike Jansen as "pohyb's und konsorten - mobiles theatre" with his own productions at home and abroad.

Clinic Clown Motto:
"Baby fireworks - There the eyes shine and the laughter brings warmth to the little and big soul. This is my medicine for the grey days in the hospital."

Most memorable clinic clown moment:
"That was in 2002 in Cottbus in paediatric oncology. Me and my colleague were allowed to accompany a little girl with our play for the last time in her life. That was a great honour for me!

If you want to know more, feel free to check here:



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