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You can find Lametta Zamperoni and her "Pinöppel" in Stuttgart

  1. Which of my nose matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?

Lametta has her heart in the right place and is a cheeky brat at the same time, so she went straight for the "Pinöppel".

  1. What does your clown do and in what environment does it come into play?

Lametta would love to dance through the world. Everything that glitters, she likes and often dreams of the big act in the circus. But her sense of order and her high standards for herself sometimes get in the way. Through object and material animations, she likes to invite the audience into her dream worlds. Her specialist area of expertise is travel fever.

You can meet her at the children's hospital, retirement homes and maybe soon at school. In December, she's traveling a lot with the "Wonder Sleigh" in the theater.

  1. Which experience, which encounter is particularly memorable to you?

Some time ago, a senior citizen said to me, "Tinsel, i mog nimmer!" I replied that I would miss her and if she could then perhaps become my guardian angel.

"Schätzle, I have up there but not 365 days a year time to take care of your clown problems!", she replied directly. The negotiations were tough and we agreed on every 14 days in the afternoon, during my working hours at this home. It was sealed with a loud hearty laugh from both of us.

A few weeks ago she passed away and of course I miss her. But now I have the coolest guardian angel anyone could ask for, and it's every 14 days on Thursdays!



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