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Clown Anton and "the little stay healthy"

Anton is a clown friend from Soest...


Which of my noses matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?

My clown now wears the nose with the magnet. It holds great on the mask when working in the clinic and I don't have so many straps etc. behind my ear (mask, clown nose, glasses). It works great and looks pretty natural.

What does your clown do and in which environment does it come into play?

My clown Anton plays full-time in children's hospitals, senior citizens' facilities and other social and nursing institutions.

Which experience, which encounter has remained particularly memorable for you?

I once visited an old lady in a facility with my colleague who was completely curled up in her bed when we came into the room. The nursing staff had already warned us that it probably didn't make sense for her.

When the woman came into the room, she was completely curled up.

When the woman realised we were in her room, she opened her eyes and suddenly came to life. Her whole body woke up. She was very happy about our visit. We clowns had tears in our eyes and so did the old lady. At the end, she said to us: So, now you make the others as happy as you make me.




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