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Clown "Root" has come to the Knirps- Nadja Neumann-Voß

"Glad you're here."

This is how Nadja greeted me in your own podcast "Courage by the Hand".

She has been a freelance artist - character clown "Root" since 2018 and has also launched a podcast some time ago. Here she shares her life story with us. She talks about her "courage in hand" and how she went from a bank employee to a self-employed artist/clown. 

"Which of my noses matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?"

I chose "peck" because it perfectly matched my clown character "root". I've often been dubbed "Knirps" myself, and my clown is a little snap-like gnome.

"What does your clown do and in what environment does it come into play?" 

My clown is mainly on the road in retirement homes, but also at street parties, events and also in plays. There everywhere the wonderful nose will be put to use.

"Which experience, which encounter has remained particularly memorable for you?" 

Without the pandemic, the encounters with my resident friends from the retirement homes have remained particularly memorable to me, when we are forehead to forehead and my nose is allowed to be very close.

Nadja's philosophy: With ease...

... Look forward to the day in the morning!
... Design your job to fit your life!
... Live your love, both love for yourself and love for others!
... Have the COURAGE to make decisions!




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