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Bubu Baum & the Rasselbande

Thank you so much for your wonderful work, your dedication and for being there!

Which of my noses matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?

I couldn't decide which of the noses to order. So I just ordered all of them, the complete Rasselbande, because I also give clown workshops and so I can do a bit of advertising for the nose workshop. And that's exactly why I had the opportunity to try out all the noses - and lo and behold, the Slavine turned out to be the one. Well, after reading the description it was clear why - Bubu is a rascal.

What does your clown do and in which environment is he used?

Bubu has been working as a clinic clown at the Olgahospital Stuttgart (affectionately known as the Olgäle) on several wards and the outpatient department for 3 years. And Bubu can also be found at school. As a school clown, she has been going to school once a week on a regular basis for 1.5 years. Why, why and why? Because in my opinion there is an urgent need for clowns in schools to have a preventive effect on health. This is why I founded true!moments with my former school social work colleague Andrea. If you want to know more about it, you can have a look at our homepage www.truemoments-clowns.com .

So what experience, what encounter has stuck out in your memory in particular?


There are so many great encounters, laughing children, emotional moments with parents, a heartfelt THANK YOU from teachers, a laugh in the school hallway... that remain unforgotten.

However, there was one experience that was crucial for my path as a clown... it was a moment with a refugee girl in a school, she was previously very closed and sad and was sitting outside the classroom when I came by. After I sat down next to her as a clown and got into the game with her (it took a quarter of an hour) she lost her sadness, took me by the hand and walked with me into the classroom. I will never forget the gratitude in her eyes and her laughter. I was very touched by the teacher's feedback, she said she had never seen the girl so open and happy. That little moment was the deciding factor for me to have the clown in the school and why I now only work as a clown and no longer as a school social worker.

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