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FuPP Löwenherz & her friend Frollein Cloudine walk the catwalk for the Nose Workshop

FuPP Lionheart and her friend Frollein Cloudine walk the catwalk for the Nose Workshop and present the new collection:

The "Döppken" & the "Knirps" are enjoying a "Oschi"!

Many, many thanks to these two wonderful clowns for your performance.

Clown FuPP Lionheart likes happy hustle & is best on the go to bring smiles to people's faces and hearts.

Clown FuPP Lionheart drops in wherever people may be for a few moments to immerse themselves in a more colourful, lighter world and experience eye-light-heart-sparkle moments.

Which of my nose matched your clown, or why did you choose this model?

Fupp chose Oschi because ... because ... Fupp really likes really big round red noses ;o)

What does your clown do and in which environment is he used?

Fupp is on the road in various children's hospitals for the Clinic-Clown-Verein Hannover as well as in the senior citizens' home in Celle and in the child and youth psychiatry (by the way, this is a really special task)


FuPP is also always to be found where there is a lot of maintenance to be done and then it can be that many small and large soap bubbles float around light as a feather and shimmer colourfully.

FuPP comes along everywhere where people may dive into a more colourful, lighter world for a few moments and experience eye light heart sparkle moments.

Which experience, which encounter has remained particularly memorable for you?

There are definitely several encounters that remain...

Moments when FuPP gets a little wink and a wave of the hand at the very last moment, when he is already walking again, from small and also big seriously ill people.

Or when a small seriously oncological patient totally frightens Fupp with a big black (plush) spider under the bedspread and totally rolls off laughing.

FuPP Lionheart c/o Renate Jeschar



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